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Is Writing a Craft or an Art Form?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Great question! The artistry of a story--the world building, showing a character's motivation, and ultimately the voice on the page, for me, that comes from knowing the craft. As in, knowing it at the DNA-level.

As an educator and a writer, I believe that a writer must use their full arsenal (grammar, word choice, syntax, punctuation, tone, etc.) to elevate their craft to the stars, or, rather, to "art." Not that most of us know that's what we're doing, btw.

Anyway, first, to answer the question...

When I reflect on novels that are breathtaking, that reach for the stars, that are persuasive (more about that in a different post) and can ultimately be deemed "art," well, it's often because of voice for me. In short, the voice is lyrical and ultimately hypnotizing--as if music thrums under every word. Of course, most of us don't sit down at our desks and declare, "I think I'll make art today!" Instead, the more we work on our craft (i.e. read widely/across the board/outside of our comfort zones, try our hand at new writing forms, read about the craft, and ultimately work, yes, work at it, then, sure, in time (to be real, after a LOT of time), what once was craft can morph into that ethereal, other-worldly, even haunting beast, art.

What makes a story "art," for you, reader?


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Ralph Overbeck
Ralph Overbeck
Jul 14, 2020

Thank you "Scribe", beautifully answered! Writing is a craft, allowing art to find us..., yes, I'll take both :-)

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