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Welcome / Benvenuti
to [sm]art Festival 21!

We bring to you our first digital edition of a two-day festival 20-21 Feb 2021 hosted in Spoleto, Italy, city of art and culture pre-dating Rome.
Co-creating and dreaming with fellow artists and creatives from around the world, especially curated for anyone to tune in with live-streaming, a presto!


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- Mingle with our Artists!

Mingle with our Artists!

- Mystery Appearance

Festival mystery appearance revealed!

Gavin Irvine

Photo Credit: Sebastian James Lister

Gavin Irvine (Film Director)
Gavin is a multi-award winning Northern Irish filmmaker based in London.
Gavin Irvin Film

- Travel with our Artists!

Travel with our Artists!

At [sm]art Festival 21 we travel around the world in a digital way, until we can restart something that is in our human nature: the arts, the culture, the cinemas, the social, the travel, the discovery, the dreaming ...

Click on the map and see where the artists take you ...

Dancing into (sm)art festival
Rachel Zitin (Rome)
Moctar Datt (Dakar)
Victor Pereira
Gero Cacciatore (Torino)
Melissa Hekkers
Janet Steen
Sam Grudgings
Margarita Gokun Silver (Boston)
Mellisa Felix (USA / UK)
Niaz Maleknia (Theran)
Davina Johnson
Ingrid Christensen (Christchurch)
Graham Hofmann (Gubbio)
Rosie McGurran
Teresa Albor (Dhaka)
Ina Nico
Karin F Giusti (Rhode Island)
Melissa Chartan (London)
Zara Siddique (Cardiff)
Riccrdo Meneghini
Max Blumberg (Cape Town)
Ingrid Taro (Milano)
Elina Lenga (Mombasa)
Rehema Katite (Mombasa)
Tasha Hunter (North Carolina)
Juliette Geissler (Paris)
Ralph Overbeck

Click anywhere on the map and travel with the artists!

Join us in our digital journey around the world with fellow artists from New York, Boston, Belfast, Bristol, Cambridge, London, ParisDakarBerlinLisbonTorino, Milano, Rome, Bari, Athens, Nicosia, Dhaka, Mombasa, Cape Town,  Sidney, Christchurchperforming live and sharing their work at (sm)art Festival 21 hosted in Spoleto, city of arts and culture that pre-dates Rome ...

- Get ready Dancing!

Get ready Dancing with Riccardo Meneghini!

Counting down dancing towards the [sm]art Festival 21 ...