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Smart Curators is a non-profit initiative built on the foundation of creative democracy.

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Three Seasons at Black Forest Farm by Karin F. Giusti


Carefully curated by an international distinguished body of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines.

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(sm)art residencies

Open Call sessions for emerging and established artists with focus on Visual Art, Sculpture, Literature.

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International collectors and art lovers can visit our exhibition spaces anytime, anywhere.

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Be inspired by artists and creatives. Because the world needs them now more than ever!

- Residencies

Artists-in-Residence programs give artists and writers the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work. Where study abroad programs afford young people the time and resources to focus on their work, we welcome artists of all levels and provide them a space where they can create a deep, meaningful and transitional impact on their life and work.

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- Sessions since 2018 -


Working, dreaming, cooking, and laughing together.

Smart Sesssions