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Open to emerging and established artists for the fall 2022 sessions with focus on Visual Arts, Sculpture, Literature, and Poetry. Residencies programs give artists and writers the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work.

- Sessions since 2018
Casale Flaminia

Sessions since 2018

- Spoleto -


Working, dreaming, cooking, and laughing together.

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- Fall Sessions 2022 -

Popoli | Calcata

Open Call sessions for Fall 2022, open to artists with focus on Visual Arts, Sculpture, Literature, and Poetry. Curated with the intention of carefully suiting individuals to the unique environment and resources we can offer at Karin Giusto Studio in Popoli, and the Bohemian artists community in Calcata.

The medieval settings of Popoli, and Calcata provide an opportunity for artists and writers to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work.

- Fall Sessions 2022
- Sessions Program

- Sessions Program -

Artists in Residence


Curated suiting emerging and established artists with focus on visual arts, sculpture, literature, and poetry.

Writing Faculty


One-on-one mentoring sessions for writers in residence that can be tailored to meet your writing goals and literacy craft.

Creative Space


Work in quiet and inspiring surroundings in the company of fellow curators, artists, writers, and poets.


Accommodation with your own comfortable bedroom en-suite or shared apartment depending on the sessions.



Self catering meals and drinks are provisioned for with access to a fully equipped kitchen, stocked with local ingredients.

Transfer Shuttle


Courtesy transfer shuttle for Rome airports and local train station is available on request.

- Writing Faculty
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The Writing Faculty program runs annually in tandem with the spring, summer, and fall sessions. Recipients of the Open Call writers in residence will benefit from one-on-one writing mentoring sessions that can be tailored to meet your writing goals.


Popoli, Italy

- Open Call Application


Application is by digital entry form, closing midnight 31 May 2022!

- Selection Procedure -

Selection procedure is by committee with focus on: 

  • Visual Arts

  • Sculpture

  • Literature

  • Poetry

Successful recipients to be informed by the end of June 2022.

- Expectations of Artist -

With the permission of the artist, the Open Call recipients may be:

- Recipients Spring 2022
Image by Jason Leung


Application entries for spring 2022 sessions is now closed!

After careful consideration of the pool of prolific and talented international artists and writers, our Committee has chosen four recipients.

Janet Steen

Writer | Editor


Rosie McGurran

Artist | R.U.A.


Vitor Pereira

Journalist | Smart Cities


Margarita Gokun Silver

Artist | Writer

Congratulations to New York based novelist and essayist, Janet Steen, Ireland based figurative artist, Rosie McGurran, Lisbon based writer and journalist, Vitor Pereira, and writer and visual artist, Margarita Gokun Silver.

World-renowned author and dancer, Twyla Tharp, once said, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” We are thrilled to offer these artists a place to run to this fall and the time and resources to continue creating their beautiful art.

- Application Fall 2022
Image by Kristian Seedorff


Open Call for artists and writers for the fall 2022 sessions, closing 31 May 2022!

Open Call Sessions are hosted in Spoleto, Popoli, and Calcata.

- Selection Committee


Open Call applications are reviewed by a distinguished international Committee, composed of curators, artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines.


COVID information for travelling from abroad can be found in English on the website of the Ministero della Salute!

- Travel Arrangements -

Open Call Recipients are soley responsible for their travel itinerary and any insurance coverage. Courtesy transfer shuttle for Rome airports (Fiumicino/Ciampino) or local train station on request.


- Travel Expenses -

General expenses such as travels and per diem are currently not covered. Most governments have grants to support artists and if you want to make use of such grants in your country, we are happy to assist you by writing an officia artist-in-residence acceptance letter to help offset travel expenses.

- Solitude / Social -

Subject to the current COVID protocol and restrictions, artists in residence can choose to work in solitude or in a social community setup.

Until we can work, dream, cook, and laugh together, stay safe everybody!

Image by Mantas Hesthaven

Curated by

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