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- Hybrid Sessions -

Our sessions for the residencies program 2018/19 have been concluded. We are grateful to our artists and writers in residence for leaving a profound artistic footprint, paving the rocky path for 2020/21 and beyond. We had no idea what was coming around the corner and we are still learning to adapt. Since 2020 we've been curating hybrid sessions in true and virtual reality, with local and international artists. In a digital world bringing us all together built on the foundations of creative democracy.

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- Sessions in 2022 -

Rebooting our 2022 residencies sessions with Karin Giusto Studio, we are pleased to announce new locations, open to artists with focus on Visual Arts, Sculpture, Literature, and Poetry. Curated with the intention of carefully suiting individuals to the unique environment and resources we can offer at Karin Giusto Studio in Popoli, and the Bohemian artists community in Calcata.

We would like to acknowledge Casale Flaminia for hosting our sessions since 2018!


Working, dreaming, cooking, and laughing together.


Popoli | Calcata