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Carefully curated sessions by a distinguished and international body of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines.


 - Sessions in 2021 -

Responding to the pandemic lockdown last year in Feb 2021, we launched our first edition Festival.

"We travelled around the world in a digital way, until we can restart something that is in our human nature: the arts, the culture, the cinemas, the social, the travel, the discovery, the dreaming ..." - Vitor Pereira -

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First Edition Keystones 21 

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Artists and creatives from around the world ...

Dancing into (sm)art festival
Rachel Zitin (Rome)
Moctar Datt (Dakar)
Victor Pereira
Gero Cacciatore (Torino)
Melissa Hekkers
Janet Steen
Sam Grudgings
Margarita Gokun Silver (Boston)
Mellisa Felix (USA / UK)
Niaz Maleknia (Theran)
Davina Johnson
Ingrid Christensen (Christchurch)
Graham Hofmann (Gubbio)
Rosie McGurran
Teresa Albor (Dhaka)
Ina Nico
Karin F Giusti (Rhode Island)
Melissa Chartan (London)
Zara Siddique (Cardiff)
Riccrdo Meneghini
Max Blumberg (Cape Town)
Ingrid Taro (Milano)
Elina Lenga (Mombasa)
Rehema Katite (Mombasa)
Tasha Hunter (North Carolina)
Juliette Geissler (Paris)
Ralph Overbeck

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Dedicated to arts and culture. Be inspired by [sm]art artists and creatives. Because the world needs them now more than ever!

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Smart Travel 2021
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 - Sessions in 2020 -

- Winter 2020 -

Smart Travel in Dec 2020 on the topic of "The Future of Smart Destinations" reflecting on our Artists-in-Residence sessions and the challenges during the pandemic.

- Fall 2020 -

Due to the Coronavirus travel restrictions and lockdown measures, fall sessions have been deferred until the next year, stay safe everybody!

- Spring 2020 -


After careful consideration of the pool of prolific and talented international artists, the committee has chosen four recipients to join us in Spoleto, Italy for our spring residency sessions.


Congratulations to New York based novelist and essayist, Janet Steen, Ireland based figurative artist, Rosie McGurran, Lisbon based writer and journalist, Vitor Pereira, and writer and visual artist, Margarita Gokun Silver.

Janet Steen

Writer | Editor


Rosie McGurran

Artist | R.U.A.


Vitor Pereira

Journalist | Smart Cities


Margarita Gokun Silver

Artist | Writer

World-renowned author and dancer, Twyla Tharp, once said, Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. We are thrilled to offer these artists a place to run to this spring — and the time and resources to continue creating their beautiful art. Benvenuti to Janet, Rosie, Vitor, and Margarita!

Due to the Coronavirus travel restrictions and lockdown measures, the spring and fall sessions have been deferred until the next year, stay safe everybody!


 - Sessions in 2019 -

- Fall 2019 -

After careful consideration of the pool of exceptionally talented and inspiring international applicants, the Committee was unanimous in its short-list and final decision. We are pleased to announce that Cyprus-based journalist and writer Melissa Hekkers, Syrian-born artist, Adi Atassi, and energy alchemist, photographer and author, Sandy Humby are the recipients of our week-long residency at Casale Flaminia in Spoleto, Italy.

"Authentic, haunting, and evocative … Their work truly matters. These artists deserve the time and the space to pursue it. - These are just a few words from members of the selection committee after choosing three recipients for the fall 2019 sessions.


Melissa Hekkers

Journalist | Author


Adi Atassi

Artist | Fine Art


Sandy Humby

Author | Alchemist