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With the help of our community of distinguished artists and academics, we are developing our Creative Faculties - built on creative confluence of artistic freedom and academic disciplines. This is to make our mentorship program accessible to younger and emerging artists, enabling them to unlock their creative flow ...

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The Creative Faculties program runs across Faculties covering disciplines such as Visual Arts, Literature, and Sculpture. It offers a Mentorships program to younger and emerging artists by distinguished fellow artists, academics, and innovators. It also offers our unique Internships program, providing professional and creative opportunities and experiences in curating our unique residencies, exhibitions, and festivals.

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The Creative Faculty program runs annually in tandem with our spring, summer, and fall sessions.

- Sessions since 2018
Casale Flaminia

Sessions since 2018

- Spoleto -


Working, dreaming, cooking, and laughing together.

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- Sessions in 2022 -

Popoli | Calcata

Open Call sessions for Fall 2022, open to artists with focus on Visual Arts, Sculpture, Literature, and Poetry. Curated with the intention of carefully suiting individuals to the unique environment and resources we can offer at Karin Giusto Studio in Popoli, and the Bohemian artists community in Calcata.

The medieval settings of Popoli, and Calcata provide an opportunity for artists and writers to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work.

- Sessions in 2022
Image by bruce mars


We offer one-on-one mentoring sessions to younger and emerging artists across disciplines by distinguished fellow artists, writers, and academics. Our mentoring sessions run in tandem with our spring, summer, and fall residencies sessions. During this period, artists and writers in residence enrol for a minimum of one week up to several weeks with the option of one-on-one mentoring sessions that can be tailored to meet individual creative goals during and after artists-in-residence sessions.

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- Writing Mentoring

- Writing Mentoring -

One-on-one mentoring sessions by writing professionals that can be tailored to meet your writing goals. During the mentoring sessions you will receive a content-based and style-based critique (i.e. substantive and stylistic evaluation) of your submission to include content-driven and line-by-line feedback. The mentoring session will focus on the literary craft and possibly address potential avenues for publication.