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1. I accept the internship, which has been awarded to me by the foundation of (sm)art curators and understand the following:​

a. I can commit to 5-10 hours a week with access to internet, giving me the opportunity to meet and be mentored by (sm)art curators.

b. I will receive one-on-one mentorship with a professional writer and former writing professor.

c. I will have free access to (sm)art festival 22 and five free back stage passes for my family, friends, or guests. 

d. I will gain hands-on experience of learning event coordination, video editing, social media marketing and influencing.

e. I will receive guidance by (sm)art curators, composed of artists, academics and cultural leaders.

2. On successful completion of my internship, I can request a professional letter of recommendation for scholarships, university, graduate school, or employment.

3. The foundation of (sm)art curators will not pay me for my internship. My internship is on a voluntary basis and all expenses, including the cost of travel, personal insurance and accommodation, as well as all living expenses, will be borne by me.

a. I possess adequate medical insurance for the duration of the internship.

b. I will not be considered an official or a staff member of the foundation of (sm)art curators.


c. I will provide notice to my designated (sm)art mentor of any illness or other unavoidable circumstances that might prevent me from attending or completing my internship.

d. I will complete an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the internship and submit it to my designated (sm)art mentor.

4. There is no expectancy of employment at the end of the internship. I may apply to any (sm)art job openings, but shall be considered as an external candidate.

5. Unsatisfactory performance may lead to the termination of the internship at the initiative of the foundation of (sm)art curators, subject to an appropriate notice period of at least one week.

6. In case of personal emergency, I shall be granted an early termination of my internship.

7. The foundation of (sm)art curators bears no responsibility for loss or damage to my personal property that may occur during my internship.

8. The foundation of (sm)art curators accepts no responsibility for costs arising from injury, illness or death that may occur during my internship.

9.  I undertake the following obligations with respect to the (sm)art internship programme:

a. To observe all applicable rules, regulations, instructions, procedures and directives of (sm)art.

b. To refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on the foundation of (sm)art curators and will not engage in any activity which is incompatible with the aims and objectives of (sm)art.

c. To respect the impartiality and independence required of (sm)art curators and shall not seek or accept instructions regarding the services performed from any authority external to the foundation of (sm)art curators.


d. To keep confidential any and all unpublished information made known to me during the course of my internship that I know or ought to have known has not been made public, and except with the explicit authorisation of the foundation of (sm)art curators, not to publish any report or papers on the basis of information obtained, both during and after the completion of my internship.


e. To provide the foundation of (sm)art curators with a copy of all materials prepared during my internship.

f. To provide immediate written notice of illness or other circumstances which might prevent me from completing the internship.


Failure to comply with the requirements as well as those contained in the present internship terms and conditions, including any serious breach of the duties and obligations may result in the immediate termination of the internship at the digression of the foundation of (sm)art curators.


An internship may be terminated or its period reduced at any time by the foundation of (sm)art curators if this is deemed to be in the interests of either the (sm)art curators or the intern.






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