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- About Us -

We are the Smart Curators, established in 2018 - curating Open Call Residencies in Italy for the spring, summer, and fall sessions, suited for emerging and established artists and writers. Accompanied by international Exhibitions in Virtual and True Reality. Joined up with our unique annual Festivals, co-creating with local and international artists, especially curated for anyone to tune in with live-streaming.


Built on the foundation of creative democracy, our residencies, exhibitions, and festivals are carefully curated by a body of creatives comprised of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines.

- Friends & Patrons -

We are grateful for the ongoing support of our Friends & Patrons, grazie mille!


To become a Friend & Patron you can find more information here.


- EST. 2018 -

We started our journey in Spoleto, Italy, accompanied by artists and writers from all over the world.

- 2018 -

The seed for our organisation and community was planted in 2018 by Francesca Romana d'Alessandro and Ralph Overbeck, hosting artists in residence at Casale Flaminia in Spoleto during the spring and fall seasons, with focus on visual art, literature and poetry.

In fall 2018 we welcomed our first three artists in residence. "Authentic, haunting, and evocative … Their work truly matters. These artists deserve the time and the space to pursue it.” Mellisa Felix - Writing Mentor -

- 2019 -

World-renowned author and dancer, Twyla Tharp, once said, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” In 2019 we were thrilled to offer four artists in residence a place to run to in spring — and the time and resources to continue creating their beautiful art.


We had no idea what was coming around the corner!

- 2020 -

During the pandemic lockdown, Casale Flaminia was invited to participate at Smart Travel, an annual festival dedicated to Smart Cities and Smart Tourism with a special focus promoting best practices, case studies, conceptual innovations, novelty services and products, creativeness, and interactions between tourists, citizens, cities, corporations, and stakeholders.


"We traveled around the world in a digital way, but we need to restart something that is in our human nature: the arts, the culture, the social, the travel, the discovery, the dreaming." Vitor Pereira, - Founder Smart Travel -

Inspired by Vitor's concluding note, a spin off Festival, hosted by Casale Flaminia in association with Smart Travel was born! Co-creating and dreaming with fellow artists and creatives from around the world, especially curated for anyone to tune in with live-streaming.


- 2021 - 

Responding to the pandemic lockdown in Feb 2021, we launched our first digital edition of Smart Festival 21, carefully curated by a distinguished international community of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines, with focus on Visual Art, Literature, Poetry, Photography, Performance Art, Public Art, and Dance.

In partnership with Art Gate VR, we started to exhibit our artists beyond brick and mortar spaces in a virtual reality marketplace. Our aim is to make it easy for international collectors and art lovers to visit our Exibitions anytime, anywhere. 


We curated our first exhibition at The Meta Biennale 18 Nov to 18 Dec 2021.

- 2022 -

"With the extraordinary support of our Friends & Patrons, we are aiming to connect and curate artists and creatives - locally and internationally to an amplified audience, celebrating and recognising their work, because the world needs them more than ever!" Ralph Overbeck - Smart Executive Team -

Sophia Willke who joint our internship program and after a successful six weeks tenure is now overseeing and shaping Public Relations at Smart Curators "Built on the foundation of creative democracy, we are excited to reach out to our public audience of art lovers in Italy and around the world" Sophia WillkePublic Relations -

Our Second Edition Festival is coming to you on 19-20 February 2022, a presto!


We are in the process to incorporate our foundation in New York, aiming to complete the paperwork and the governance by the end of June 2022, establishing our international presence from our deep cultural roots in Italy.

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Enquiries -

Victor Pereira

For all press and media enquiries, please contact Vitor Pereira.


For public relations enquiries, please contact Sophia Willke.

Ralph Overbeck

For general enquiries, please contact Ralph Overbeck.

Smart Curators Foundation, New York, USA +1 475.237.3287 | Spoleto, Italy +39 339 1999351


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